Selling Your Home Quickly

One of the biggest misconceptions about real estate is that it’s primarily dominated by real estate agents and brokers. Most people don’t know about or truly understand the other side of it, the real estate investors. While we’ve talked about real estate investors in the past, especially in the Houston area, what we haven’t done it really described the difference between the two. To dive in and start looking at how they differ and what are some real use-case scenarios on why you would you would go to a real estate investor instead of an agent, check out this page on how to sell your house quickly.

They’ll go over some of the situations that homeowners can often fall into where they really need to liquidate their property so that they have hard cash in hand, but going through the traditional process of selling their home simply won’t cut it in time, as it may take months with a realtor. They follow up with a nice infographic that puts the differences between an agent and an investor into nice bullet points and pleasant imagery. It’s a really quick read, and they link you to a preferred Houston investment company that can dive even deeper into the details or get on the phone with a homeowner to really establish options for their situation.

Check it out and let us know what your experience has been with an investor or an agent, and share what you think might be the pros and cons of each!

Have An Ugly House In Charlotte?

One of the things that we do here is talk about real estate as an investment opportunity. A lot of people have houses that they either don’t want, are a burden, or on the verge of losing anyway, so real estate investors are there to make a quick transaction for homes that otherwise may take weeks to months to try and move.

We buy houses in Charlotte, for those particular residents that need to get rid of their homes. Check out the page to learn more.

We Buy Houses Houston

There are many places that are in the “we buy houses houston” market, but most of them tend to be scams or just a waste of time. There’s one new website that just launched in the Houston community that might be worthwhile for people that are looking to sell their homes quickly or for cash-offer:

Sell My House Easy Fast has come up with a quick way to offer cash value proposals to homeowners looking to sell their homes by using a wide network of lenders and investors. What they do is essentially tap into the Houston real estate market’s investors, and streamline a process so that when a homeowner is looking for an offer, the system is set up to get valuations from the network as quickly as possible. This allows for homeowners that are in tough times to get relief quickly.

Homeowners looking for this type of deal are usually facing issues regarding foreclosure, divorce, economic downturn, damage to the property they can’t afford, difficulty selling through agents or traditional means, or simply have vacant houses that they want to get rid of because of trouble finding tenants or it was inherited. For these homeowners, cash offer arrangements are ideal because they by-pass agents thus reducing the fees involved, avoid high closing costs, get a cash offer quickly, and can close on a home in as little as 5 days vs potentially negotiating with a buyer and taking weeks to months.

In the end, the deal could be sweeter just because it’s such a hassle-free process. Houston homeowners have already started selling their homes through this network and have reported positive experiences and results. The real estate market in Houston is booming, and it’s never a better time to get rid of your home. There are plenty of investors and lenders looking for opportunities, so if you’ve a home that you want to sell, try to get a quick cash offer and avoid all the troubles of selling your home the hard way.