Due to popular request, we provide a shopping service for you, your family and friends, having a veritable army of shoppers at your disposal !!!

We go shopping for the goods you request, paying a service for the items and the postage.

You know the things you miss from Boots, Superdrug, Smiths and all the other High Street stores which you may not have access to any more. Don't limit yourself to a choice of stores, we will surf the High Street for you !

With Marks & Spencers closing their foreign stores, we can also go shopping for you in our local branch.

Providing your requested items are in stock, we will purchase, pack and send them to you.

Examples of items we have been shopping for: Smiths: Notelets/Notepaper/Greetings Cards, Self Help Books.

Boots & Superdrug: Eye drops/Vitamins/Face Packs/Creams/Toothpaste(notably Euthymol)/Cosmetics from Boots 17, Rimmel etc./Contact Lens Items/Toiletries.

Electrical: Kettles, Hair Tongs/Curlers/Straighteners, Shavers.

Unusual: A leather noseband (horse)/Riding Helmet/Cans of Brasso/Coin Collection/Post Office Cats&Dogs Book of Stamps/Box full of Trebor Mints/Plugs & Sockets/Cans of WD40 and many more!

Just e-mail us at: info@expatboxes.com
Subject to availability and our Terms & Conditions